Top places to visit near Shoolini University, Solan

Shoolini university is one of the top-ranked universities in India as per MHRD NIRF. A not-for-profit multi-disciplinary private university is having unique research and innovation-led model. Along with the development of the creative potential of every student & providing them with high-quality educational opportunities, Shoolini University has a tie-up with Good Host Spaces (GHS)– An American MNC providing in-campus hostels. GHS is a global leader in student residency, providing hygienic, student-friendly, and affordable hostels for both girls and boys (students) of Shoolini University.

Shoolini University, situated in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, is a place with scenic beauty and a serene landscape, and it’s also known as the Mushroom city of India.
If you are a student of Shoolini university, here are some must-go locations while you are in Solan for your studies – because, as it’s said, studies and fun should be balanced not to overexert oneself.

  • Shoolini Mata Temple

Devout Hindu followers in the state of Himachal Pradesh consider Shoolini Mata Temple as the most popular stop among all the places to visit in Solan. Shoolini Mata, a reincarnation of Durga Mata, is worshipped at this temple in Solan during the Shoolini fair.

  • Kasauli

Kasauli is a hilly cantonment town in the southwestern part of the Solan district. It is an ideal vacation destination, especially if you are planning a weekend getaway. Amid stunning wooded forests, it is nestled among pines and cedars. This place makes a great staycation because of the beautiful properties. 

  • Nalagarh Fort

Nalagarh Fort is one of the most famous heritage hotels in Solan. It provides a beautiful scenic view from the top of the mountain with well-manicured gardens. The fort has been refurbished in a hotel with a conference hall known as Diwan-E-Khas. The best time to visit this place is during the winter season since that’s when one can see the alluring view of snow-capped mountains and enjoy peacefully with your friends and family!

  • Arki

Arki is the smallest town in Himachal Pradesh which attracts millions of visitors every year. 

Arki is a town about 60 kilometers from Solan. At an elevated height of 4000 feet Take, one can witness its rustic heritage and centers of spirituality and religion. Arki is well known for its historical views and has monuments to commemorate the heritage left by its rulers.

  • Jatoli Shiv Temple

As Asia’s most unique Shiva sanctuary, this place is an architectural wonder. In this area, there is a water tank known as ‘Jal Kund’, which is said to have medicinal qualities that can treat skin diseases, and the water in the tank is considered as holy as the holy river Ganga.

  • Shopping in Solan

Solan has various locations where you can shop while enjoying scenic views. There are numerous malls and shopping complexes in Solan, such as Anand Cineplex Mall, Platinum Mall, and Aesthetics. In addition, you can find the most beautiful traditional outfits at places like Mall Road, Upper Bazaar, and Lower Bazaar.

As a student resident at Shoolini University, Solan, mentioned above are some places you can visit with your friends to have fun – memorable time!

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