Why are internships important for students

10 Reasons to consider: Why are internships important for students, especially those living in a hostel?

An internship is an official program offered by organizations to train & upskill a student or a recent graduate to help them learn about the professional world. In today’s world, employers rely heavily on resumes that demonstrate relevant work history, whether from an actual job, volunteer work or an internship.
Here are ten reasons to consider as to why it is important for students, especially in hostels, to get an internship:
• Boosts confidence
Beyond career-related learning, an internship helps you explore your interests and allows you to boost your confidence by gaining a sense of achievement.
• Gives Job experience
It’s difficult to enter a field of work with zero work experience, and an internship is a great way to get your foot in the door.
• Practical experience
As a college student, an internship wouldn’t give you much freedom, but it may give you the practical experience of a job in the field you wish to choose for your future career. It can be a useful tool to bridge the gap between college life and a full-time career opportunity.
• Improves people skills
Being able to work smoothly with someone is quite a tough task. Once your learn how to socialize & influence people, you can mould yourself to fit into any situation and work with anyone. An internship helps you meet different people and understand their work patterns, ethics and process.
• Improves soft skills
Soft skills are core skills based on which all professionals are evaluated. An internship can help a young individual to understand the importance of soft skills in an organization and witness methods to polish their own.
• Imply theoretical knowledge
Within a classroom, an individual can only learn to the extent of theory. An internship allows you to test that theoretical knowledge and skills and check their effectiveness in the practical world, helping one to determine their strengths and weaknesses.
• Pushes limits
By working in a professional environment, you’ll understand how to conduct yourself in different situations. This will help you extend your knowledge and provide you with new perspectives you can employ to be effective in your job.
• Trains for the job
Rather than staying on a career track that you don’t like, an internship is a great way to learn about your desired path. You may like learning about the field in theory but not the work it entails. It gives you a practical gist of the field, training you for the job and helping you realize whether you would like to continue in the same field or switch to another field.
• Develops connections
Internships are a great way to develop working relationships that may come in handy later. Networking can help you open doors of organizations where reaching out through merit takes a lot of work.
• It gives you a competitive edge.
An internship is a great addition to any resume and gives you a leg up on others entering your field. The job market is more competitive than ever, and you should do anything you can to make yourself stand out. Building a good resume can be especially hard as a student, so any chance to do so is essential.
Being a hostel student or not, opting for an internship would be a wise and helpful decision for a student who’s soon going to graduate.

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