Student Life At Good Host Spaces

Our vibrant hostel campuses, comprising over 20,000 beds, provide students with a nurturing home to live, learn and optimise their university experience
GHS Hostel Location


Resident Experience

“Good Host Spaces provides a safe environment for students that helps us to do better. Besides day-to-day care, the hostel offers various additional facilities contributing to our overall development”

— Kriti Farmah, Resident

“The hostel facility at Manipal University, Jaipur by Good Host Spaces is indeed a state-of-the-art facility. Everything is accessible inside the campus. Staying here is a one-of-a-kind experience.”

— Mayank Misra, Resident

“The management at Good Host Spaces residences at Manipal University, Jaipur, ensure a wholesome living experience, helping us grow and thrive every day.  the best experience ever  in  hostel

— Mayaank Kakkar, Resident

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Goldman Sachs

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