How to deal with rejection in university internships?

Get good grades in your SSC so that you can get into a good university. Get good grades in your HSC so that you can pursue the course that will lead you to success. Failing in doing so might lead to rejection in university placements or other job interviews. Haven’t all students been hearing this their whole academic life? But has anyone ever told the students to not stress over this stigma and deal with a couple of rejections? Has anyone told you that it’s not necessary to avail a jackpot internship or job, in the first placement interview itself? One might face rejections and failures, it’s a natural course of life. Nevertheless, we intend to help you do your best in every interview.
Here are some ways to deal with rejection during university internships:
– Make notes
Once you realize that your candidature wasn’t shortlisted, ask the interviewer for feedback or recall the interview & try to identify the the mistakes you made & how you can do better. You can note these points down in a notebook and practive your interview skills with a friend. Pick up one thing at a time, do your research and improve yourself slowly.
– Hit the gym to distract yourself
We were never thought how to handle rejection. Working out can be a great way to distract yourself & to build back your confidence. Keeping your physical body active helps a better blood circulation in your mind, which helps your mind to think clearly, look for more opportunities and focus on the positive side of the situation. You are lucky if you are residing at a GHS hostel as you can take a gym membership at GHS’s in-house gym to pump out your burdens & stay physically as well as mentally fit.
– Don’t isolate yourself
There’s no need of being ashamed or feeling low when you’re rejected for an internship interview. Stay along with your friends, hangout with them, go outside, look for more opportunities, if you are residing in GHS hostels, there are various hangout spaces, common rooms and recreational areas where one can divert their mind and chill with their friends.
– Talk to your loved ones
Don’t hesitate to express your frustration. Talk to your loved ones, tell them how you feel and how you are thinking to deal with it, because they will understand your case & even give you their advice. Remember that they’re always by your side and just a call away, whether it’s your family or friend. Talking helps you clear your mind and start with a fresh mind.
It’s natural to get derailed from your path after being rejected in an internship but how you deal with it, is what decides your course of career ahead! Apart from the above mentioned ways there are many other ways you can deal with rejection — outdoor sport at grounds and courts provided by Good Host Spaces, swimming, watching movies with your friends in the indoor cineplex provided in the on campus hostel. Take a break, learn and re-try, that’s the only way forward!

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