How to plan your study schedule effectively while living in a hostel?

Living independently in a hostel invites a lot of responsibilities in your life. One needs to learn how to manage their time to juggle academics, personal life, and daily chores.  This is where Good Host Spaces’ special facilities play an important role. Providing various amenities like laundry, recreational spaces, libraries, swimming pools, gymnasiums, playgrounds, and much more, aids a student to improve their performance academically, look after their health and to avoid wasting their time on household chores.
Here are some tips on how to utilize your time and plan an effective schedule to perform effectively in your studies:
  1. Plan
    Maintain a schedule, organize your topics and subjects & cross off one topic at a time. This will help you build a consistent pattern to study effectively and boost your memorizing skill.
  2. Reach out
    Asking for help won’t make you any smaller than others. Remember you are here to upskill yourself, attend group study sessions, ask questions, and study with your friends. Surround yourself with friends that see the best in you & always have your back.
  3. Time Management
    Discpline yourself to manage time effectively. Chart a schedule for yourself to manage studying, chores, leisure, fitness etc. Strike off those timings on which you don’t have control, like – lunch hours in a mess, dinner hours, or any practice for sports activities. 
  4. Stick to your plan
    Once you have a plan/schedule for yourself ensure you stick to it! No matter what, results won’t show up on the first day, nor on the second, but over time you’ll see the how small tasks each day, can lead to big changes in your life. 
  5. Ask
    Don’t be afraid to reach out to faculty in case of doubts during your study sessions with friends or alone. The point of having an in-campus hostel from GHS is that the students don’t feel distant from the teachers in case of doubts. So, whenever in doubt, just ask or note down your questions to ask whenever you feel is the right time.
  6. Read
    Inculcate a reading habit in case you get bored while studying. Read novels, magazines, and short stories, and maintain a consistency of 5 pages per day. This will help you manifest a reading habit and you wouldn’t get bored while reading – whether a novel or a study book! There are silent zones and libraries in GHS where you can have your peaceful time too for inculcating a habit into you!
GHS has constructed hostels in such a manner that each and every one of the students feel like they’re home. It’s built keeping in mind the needs of the students and the environment they require to grow in their academics and life.
So remember these 6 things whenever you’re unable to study, implement them in your lifestyle & see yourself changing for good. 

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