Things to double-check before finalizing your student PG or Hostel accommodation

Exploring and finalizing a PG or Hostel accommodation when you’re migrating to a new place is a hectic task. A lot of factors are considered before cutting down to one choice, such as — price, locality, food, occupancy, roommates etc.
As a parent or student, there are some factors that one should consider double-checking before finalizing a PG or hostel for accommodation.
• Water supply
Water is necessary, and without an adequate water supply, one can face problems related to hygiene and food consumption. So make sure that the place you’re staying at has a good water supply by asking around in the neighbourhood and taking inputs from the people who are already residing there.
• Room occupancy/space
No PG or hostel has a single occupancy room. To encourage diversity, hostels tend to include roommates. GHS, on special provisions, does provide single occupancy rooms, but having a roommate is suggested to live your hostel life to a full extent. 
Check whether the rooms are spacious enough for students to reside in and not feel trapped.
• Beds
Keeping all problems aside, being unable to sleep due to improper bedding is a different kind of problem. A good night’s sleep helps a student maintain focus for studying.. So make sure the beds at the hostel or PG are proper to replenish the lost energy during the daytime.
• Mess/Food facility
Food helps to rejuvenate the body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs. When living independently, one often needs to remember to keep track of their food consumption. Do not eat anything, and get sick. To maintain energy for academics and social life, you must ensure that the food at the mess facility or the PG is hygienic. Often people opt for “Dabba” service from caterers so that they can have at least one meal per day. However, the mess food at GHS hostels is quite known to give a feeling of home and is hygienic. They also have vending machines in corridors, so students don’t have to worry about late-night cravings during overnight study sessions.
• Peers/ Crowd
You become what you surround yourself with. A kind and encouraging neighbourhood can help a student overcome adversity, such as academic pressure, personal life issues, homesickness, mental breakdown, etc. Due to such circumstances, it’s advisable to have a roommate. GHS believes in maintaining an environment that results in academic and personal growth.
• HVAC facility
 Weather conditions can have an adverse effect on health. Make sure your residency has proper Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning facilities per the weather conditions. Also, double-check whether the place has power backups in case of power failure.
Lastly, money does play a crucial role in this whole place-hunting process. Still, if you’re finding a cheaper place with all the necessities except farther from your college/university, it wouldn’t be the right choice to put time and energy into travelling, affecting your academic performance and health. Choose wisely, and ensure to double-check the place of stay.

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