What security features students must seek out before choosing a hostel?

People travel to places for multiple reasons, some travel for fun – to create memories, some travel for work/business. Although nowadays students migrate to gain knowledge, to educate themselves from renowned universities for a better future. 
The era when there were no means to acquire education from places that are far from you, have perished! Students now travel, live and study independently by accommodating at hostels or campus hostels provided by universities.
Getting admission into your dream university is a tough task – agreed! But isn’t finding student housing where you can stay once you’re selected, a hassle too?
One has to take a lot of factors into consideration such as locality, the distance of that hostel from the university, the food, the hygiene, the people, before deciding where they would like to reside for their upcoming independent years!
One of the most significant factors that especially parents are worried about is the hostel security. Hostel security would consist of — safety lockers in hostels, proper new door/door with adequate locking mechanism which isn’t too complex to open or too easy to break into, hostel amenities like food court, hygienic restrooms & means for proper laundry.
The main requirement for student accommodation is at least all the basic necessities are being provided to the students so that they can focus on their main goal i.e. education!
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