5 things you should know before living in a hostel

Hostel life, as compared to any other living experience, has its own pros. It’s natural to miss your friends &  family when you live away from them but living independently in a hostel teaches you how to deal with the tides of day-to-day life. However, to make your experience pleasant you should choose a hostel that gives you a feeling of Home, Away from Home. One of such hostels
is GHS Hostels which provides on-campus accommodation at most of the renowned universities in India. Good Host Spaces is an American MNC who leads the student residency chain all across the globe. Among the many cultures & amenities, you can explore at GHS hostels, you can also meet new friends who might eventually become your family.
When choosing a hostel to move into make sure to remember these 5 things:
     – Safety
With a management and discipline committee, GHS also provides separate blocks for freshers and seniors, as well as girls and boys. Girls hostel also has special lady guards assigned for their protection. So before moving to any hostel make sure the hostel safety and arrangements for you/your child’s precautions are taken care of.
     – Facilities
A hostel should atleast consist of spaces where students can hangout, a library to study silently, recreational areas where they can churn their mind for extra curricular activities. At GHS you can enjoy amenities like, a hanging spot, 24×7 library, various different courts as per the sport requirements, recreational spaces but along with that GHS hostels also provides – wifi, gymnasium, laundry facilities and all other advanced amenities, that might aid for a smooth living.
     – Food
What you eat affects your mind and body drastically. Staying healthy should be a choice that every student should opt while living independently. The food provided by GHS mess is not only hygienic but also gives you a feeling of Home, Away from Home! Along with delicious food, GHS also provides vending machines, from where a student can get munchies for late night snacking.
     – Resident Experience
Hostel living experience is one of the most life-altering experiences in a student’s life and adjusting to the new environment can be difficult. Make sure you explore more than just your room before moving into a new hostel. A well-maintained hostel will have more places to spend convivial moments apart from your room. For example at GHS you can find recreational spaces, hangout spots, common spaces and open grounds to spend time with your friends.
– Room Sharing
You will have to share your room with a roommate and be prepared for that before moving. In a shared room you will have to learn to adjust, share & sometimes compromise. Bonding with your roommate can turn the hostel experience into a great & memorable one.
Apart from these, learn multiple life managing skills like taking care of your belongings, maintaining proper hygiene and performing the daily routines tasks. And remember even if you are living in the best & safe place, you may feel like you miss your family & friends back in your hometown. At such times, just pick up the phone and make a quick call to your loved ones. You’d be surprised how much a call can uplift your mood. You will be happier & motivated to spend time with your new friends engaging in fun activities at your new home, away from home!

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