Support Services at OP Jindal Hostel in Sonipat

Support Services Available at OP Jindal Hostel for Students in Sonipat

The O.P. Jindal University in Sonipat was founded in 2009 and recognized as an Institution of Eminence by the Indian Ministry of Education. It is ranked as the top private university in the world in the QS World Rankings for 2023. The University Hall of Residence for Students is comprised of several blocks of buildings designed by a French architect. There are rooms, common areas, and hallways in each block. There are separate buildings for male and female students. These structures offer accommodation for students that is up to international standards and have well-appointed rooms.     

Good Host Spaces, a well-known American multinational corporation (MNC), manages the O.P. Jindal hostel in Sonipat and offers on-campus housing for students as well as student residences for those who relocate for career advancement. 

The O.P. Jindal University campus is a second home to all the learners, providing them with the most up-to-date amenities, student housing, entertainment, gyms, and sporting amenities, as well as the opportunity to make lifelong friendships and memories. 

Below are a few support services available at O.P. Jindal hostel: 

1. Admin Office 

The admin office at O.P. Jindal University hostel ensures to give you full help and assistance whenever learners need it. The administration office is there to provide you with full guidance, making the experience much easier, whether you have questions about the university, the hostel, or the admissions process. The administrative office is always happy to provide all students and parents with the highest level of support so that you don’t run into any sort of issue.   

2. Medical Centre 

Every parent’s top concern is their child’s health, but if you decide to stay at the O.P. Jindal University hostel, you can relax knowing that there will be medical assistance available to make sure you don’t get sick or feel unwell. To ensure that every learner on the campus is safe, secure, and healthy, the O.P. Jindal hostel offers 24/7 medical assistance with ambulance service. No matter how minor the inconvenience, first aid, general medicines/sports medicine are available around-the-clock. 

3. ATM Facility 

The O.P. Jindal hostel provides staff and students with on-campus ATM and branch banking services. There is an ATM on the hostel premises campus that will satisfy all of the students’ needs for fundamental banking services. These satisfy the rising demand for cash as well as other essential financial transactions. The college ATMs and banking facilities are monitored over by CCTV around-the-clock to ensure the students’ complete safety while carrying large amounts of cash. 

4. Cafeteria 

When we say that the O.P. Jindal hostel creates a sense of home even when you are away from it, we really mean it. There is a high-quality cafeteria with dining options, such as three cafeterias that serve both regular and healthy menu options. On the campus, in addition to the cafeteria, there is an Amul ice cream parlor, chai tapri, café coffee day express, Juice N More, and other outlets. 

5. 24×7 Wardens for Student Support 

There are wardens on duty at all times to make sure that the students are comfortable and secure during their stay at the hostel. If you have any problems or require the assistance of wardens, you can be assured that the staff will be there for you.    

6. Sports, Fitness Centre, Musical, and Cultural Program 

There are both indoor and outdoor playgrounds where you can play badminton, table tennis, basketball, cricket, and other sports. There are occasionally organized annual sporting events and other sporting competitions. On campus, there is a gym and a music room with enough instruments and equipment. Cultural programs are also organized on occasion. 

7. 24/7 Security 

Every student’s safety is of the utmost importance. In order to monitor student activities and to be alert to any unusual events, our campus is under 24-hour CCTV surveillance. There is 24-hour security and more than 680 CCTV cameras for monitoring (both in the housing for boys and girls).   

O.P. Jindal hostel is a second home for all the learners staying over there. From offering complete assistance to medical care and 24/7 security surveillance, the hostel ensures to offer exceptional services that cater to the need of every student. Staying here will advance your overall development in addition to your academic development. 

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