How can students maintain sustainable living in a hostel?

Living independently sounds fun, right? Unless the responsibilities for your survival kick in! One incapable of maintaining a proper routine can’t upgrade their lifestyle while living independently in a hostel
Where you study, whom you study with, and the surroundings you hang around in are all major factors determining your academic growth and personal growth. To achieve a sustainable lifestyle, one must ensure they’re contributing towards maintaining a sustainable environment to nurture and grow.
How to achieve a sustainable environment and maintain it while living in a hostel?
> Etiquettes
No matter how far away you’re from home, never forget your etiquettes which defines your character. Maintaining a habit instills discipline in your mind and lifestyl,e, which hones your focus and concentration skills. Etiquettes like making your own bed after waking up, maintaining a proper wardrobe, washing up used utensils or keeping them at the wash area in mess after eating are some basic etiquettes which one should keep in mind.
> Try not to keep leftovers
Food is essential for survival. Consumption of adequate nutrients gives you the energy to sustain any pressure during academics. Wastage of food is not appreciated anywhere, and overconsumption might lead to health issues, so take just as much as needed and try not to keep leftovers.
> Don’t litter
Everything isn’t bio-degradable; there is still some usage of plastic in our day-to-day life. Like snacks availed from the vending machines, carry bags to carry food/tiffins or extra pair of clothes. To achieve sustainable living, one must ensure not to litter around the trash. Better to accumulate the garbage in one place – in a trash can or bag to avoid pollution and environmental degradation. 
>Maintain a laundry schedule
Wash your clothes and maintain your wardrobe every week. Surrounding yourself with a tidy and clean environment creates a sense of positive environment leading to a sustainable lifestyle for you and your roommates.
Ensure to implement these basic routines in your daily life at a hostel and observe yourself grow!

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