Important factors to consider while choosing a hostel

Moving away from your home to live in a hostel is a life-changing experience for every student. Apart from how the child will stay alone, for a parent & student, choosing the right hostel is also a hefty task. Not all hostels are equally good or equipped with all the facilities that one might desire in a hostel. So, it is essential to consider these few factors that might ease your living and not drain you through academics and life-altering experiences.
  • Distance
    It is crucial to save traveling time. If college is far away from your hostel, you might face time management issues, and the traveling might lead to burnout too. That is the reason GHS provides in-campus hostels, where the colleges/universities are within walking distance from the hostels, and students won’t have to travel long distances.
  • Reviews 
    It’s essential to check the reviews of where you might be residing. In today’s world, every accommodation site is rated and reviewed based on its service, hygiene, locality and much more. You can check their social media to know more about the place and surroundings which may help you to see the type of nurturing you might get there. Being a global American MNC – GHS ensures that every essential need of a student is met at the hostel, and they feel at home, away from home!
  • Safety
    Safety is a significant factor looked after by parents before sending their children to study away from home. After the Covid phase, parents have become more vigilant about these aspects. At GHS, one will find a 24×7 pharmacist, a doctor clinic, hangout spots to chill with friends and separate hostels for boys and girls. Apart from infrastructure, GHS also has a discipline committee with different guards for boys in boys’ hostels and girls in girls’ hostels.
  • Prices
    When it comes to accommodation, the price or rent of the place is a significant factor that influences one’s decision. One might end up living at a less beneficial place due to a higher cost at an advantageous location. Good Host Spaces’ price range varies from university to university and site to location. Still, it’s ensured that the student and parents are provided with multiple options to accommodate their student at a safer place, i.e., GHS. At GHS, one may find options varying from single, double, triple and quadruple occupancy rooms, with options to choose a specific amenity that might alter the hostel fee price.
  • Hygiene
    Residing in an unclean environment invites diseases into your life and body. Such situations can affect your daily routine and academic and life experiences of staying away from home. GHS ensures every room, restroom and space at every hostel is clean and sanitised so that the students can nurture a healthy and safe atmosphere.
  • Connectivity
    Staying away from home doesn’t usually mean you have to cut yourself off from the people at home too. Wi-fi connectivity is a factor that one should look for during their hunt for a hostel since Wi-fi doesn’t only help you connect with your loved ones but will also play a crucial role in your academic assignments, late-night projects or movie nights to create memories with your friends.
    At GHS, you might find all-time wi-fi connectivity at separate hostels,
  • Mess
    The most important and memorable part of hostel life – is THE MESS! Anyone who has ever lived in a hostel understands the vital role mess plays in making an individual realise the value of “GHAR KA KHANA”! Apart from the taste, one must ensure that the food is hygienic and well-cooked to avoid health problems.
    Keeping these factors in mind, GHS Hostels also provides hangout zones, centrally air-conditioned hostels, swimming pools, courts as per the sports grounds, theatre, vending machines, laundry facilities and a gymnasium, not to let the students feel that they’re away from home, and bloom fully in their career life.

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