Moving to a Hostel Let’s discuss mental health and emotions!

Moving to a Hostel? Let’s discuss mental health and emotions!

Moving to a hostel and having all the independence that you’ve always been seeking might sound cool and fun but it also has its own banes.
Shifting away from home to an unfamiliar place – physically and mentally. A new environment, new people, new expectations, and increased pressure, everything together can make a person feel overwhelmed and cloud their sense of judgment.
Following are some thoughts that a normal person, away from home, can have after living in a new environment, and some ways to deal with them.
– Life contemplations
When staying in a hostel, there’s a lot of pressure on students as they have to deal with their academics and personal situations on their own. This sometimes creates a bubble of burden in their mind which can lead to negative contemplations if not left unspoken.
They hesitate to talk about this due to societal pressure and stigma. At GHS we have counseling committees where counselors hear out the students as their friends. GHS has common spaces, hangout zones and recreational spaces where students can destress by meeting their friends and feel comfortable sharing their thoughts too.
– Lack of Hygiene
Hostel Life does make you independent yet the students become very lazy and start to procrastinate activities. They tend to avoid cleaning their rooms, arranging their wardrobes and tidying their bed, which impacts the surrounding environment making it vulnerable to bacteria, parasites and germs causing diseases. 
It is hence suggested to keep your rooms and surroundings clean to avoid morbid thoughts and keep a healthy environment, nurturing for all.
– Depression 
Hostel Life sometimes might feel like a pit of challenges where none of your family members are coming to rescue you. Students might face academic problems, friendship problems, relationship problems and self doubt. When these failures aren’t looked as a stepping stone and left as a rock over one’s shoulder, the student feels burdened. Accumulation of such thoughts and situations might lead to depression.
To make sure this is accounted for and not left unchecked, keep yourself involved in activities, talk to people, and don’t disconnect yourself from the world. Workout, Good Host Spaces has gymnasium, grounds for various sports, swimming pool for relaxing swim and hangout spots to chill with friends. 
– Negative Addiction
Hostel life means independence, and too much independence can attract students toward negative addictions. This might include drugs, alcohol, smoking cigarettes, etc. Negative addiction is an impactful factor to make someone weak – mentally and physically. It is advised to refrain from indulging in these activities and not let your friends or knowns fall into the trap. 
– Disconnected
Homesickness is one of the major reasons why all the other health issues incur in a student’s life who is living in a hostel. When you are disconnected from your family members, you’re out of your comfort zone and have to manage everything on your own. This independency itself can become the cause of depression, unhygienic routine, negative addiction, contemplating thoughts, etc. Living in the 21st century it’s not easy to be disconnected from your family and friends. One has to remember that their loved ones are just a call away from them, all they have to do is pick up their mobile phones and call!
Mental health is equally important as your physical health & is essential to function and perform effectively in a competitive environment. Make sure you take care of yourself, seek leisure time, talk with your near & dear ones, and seek professional help if things feel too heavy.

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