5 Tips to make hostel life more interesting!

Choosing to stay in a hostel is a life decision that can alter the course of your life. Your hostel life unveils a whole new world for you and makes you a better, more matured person. While leading a hostel life, away from your home and friends may sound upsetting, it’s actually not! If you know the right things and do them well, you’re in for the best years of your life! Here are a few tips for you that will help you spruce up your hostel life – 
Hangout with seniors
The more you hangout with seniors, the better it will be for you to comprehend the do’s and don’ts of the hostel. They have been there for a longer period so they know things which will be beneficial for you in the future and they can be helpful during a dilemma, they’ve connections, knowledge and experience which can help you lead a happier and more productive hostel life.
Befriend hostel staff
This is the most essential tip for your survival in the hostel, because treating the staff right = winning their friendship and loyalty.. They’re human keys to your trouble locks: Late night entries, extra food or even a night away from the hostel; They’re the ones that can cover it up for you.
Get a good place to stay
Where you stay is what nurture’s you for your upcoming life and challenges. Good host Spaces provide in campus hostels with all the basic amenities like laundry, healthy food, walking distance to university along with privileges like swimming pool, gymnasium and lockers!
The point being, live at a place that surrounds you with a positive environment where you can focus on your academics as well as enjoy with your friends by spending time with them, visiting places, late night outings, and overnight assignments!
Attend social events
Start attending social events; do not keep yourself confined to academics. Attending social events, extra-curricular activities etc will help you interact with new people and learn new stuff which you can also add to your CV. Remember, every person you meet knows something that you don’t know.
Volunteer to aid in events
Devoting your time and energy can be as rewarding to you as well as for those you’re helping.
Volunteering in events will help you feel accomplished and motivated. Keeping yourself engaged in activities that help you acquire new skills and boost up your self-esteem.
Hostel life is that part of a student that makes them independant and helps them outgrow their comfort zone!
Choosing it wisely will help them upskill-upscale and give their career a boost!

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