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How is the Hostel at Manipal University in Jaipur? Are there any facilities for Girls?

Manipal University Jaipur inspires students of all disciplines to learn and innovate through hands-on practical experience. Manipal University Jaipur boasts of best-in-class infrastructure, including state-of-the-art research facilities and a modern, digital library. In line with Manipal University’s Legacy of providing quality education to its students, the campus uses the latest in technology to impart education.
Apart from education, in which MUJ is at the pinnacle, it also provides accommodation – student residency/in-campus hostels for those who migrate from places to avail education from Manipal University Jaipur! The hostels at Manipal University Jaipur are managed and maintained by Good Host Spaces – an American global leading MNC in student residency providing in-campus accommodation services with leisure amenities and an environment that doesn’t disrupt a student’s growth!
It is a purpose-built accommodation that provides students with sophisticated, contemporary housing during their years of higher education. As we’re aware that accommodation is one of the biggest concerns for students and their families, and by building a safe and nurturing environment, GHS creates a stable foundation upon with young students may build their academic careers. 
The hostel is situated right across the street from the university, connected by an underpass (subway), hence providing a very convenient and pleasant walk to the university campus. The state-of-the-art accommodation gives every student the feeling of a “Home, Away from Home.” GHS hostels are well-equipped with amenities such as Gymnasium, various recreation and sports facilities like Squash, Tennis, Basketball, Futsal, Badminton, Snooker/Pool tables, and a multipurpose ground for cricket, football, and track events.
The entire facility is air-conditioned and operational on a timely basis. A complete HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air-conditioning) system is in place. GHS hostels have dedicated power backups in case of power failure. The water supply is adequate and 24*7. The hostel is well connected with Jaipur city both by government and private transport. 
Also, taking ‘privacy’ into consideration, the hostels for Girls and Boys are in two different buildings. The girl’s hostel has lady guards, along with amenities nearby to their building. Necessities and emergency requirements are within reaches, such as a pharmacist shop, a doctor, or a sanitary pad vending machine.
So, if you’re planning to or have been selected in Manipal University Jaipur and are looking for a place to accommodate – the in-campus hostels would be a place to grow, learn, nurture and spend the best years of your life!

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